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More than ten minutes of research (only those willing to subvert the rules of the assignment should read on):

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1) An artist (Dove Bradshaw) claims a fire hose in the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a work of art.

2) She posts a label next tot he hose, and replaces it whenever it is removed.

3) She photographs her work and has postcards printed. She (secretly) deposits these postcards in the museums own gift shop. And they sell them. For years.

4) The museum acquires a photograph of the firehose and accepts it (the photograph) into its collection.

5) The firehose itself is later acquired by the museum that owns it; the artists work is donated to the museum, which is acknowledges in letters to the donor.

6) An artist book is created in an edition of 10 to document the trajectory of this project, which is now called a performance.

7) The book is published free online and you can peruse its 86 pages.