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From POV of a Quaker (Anne's Session)

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It was corrupted over the years not by loose morals and flagging ideals but by the sheer pressure of numbers. 

It's easy for one to think over and reform and contemplate.

Everyone has some good in them and given the opportunity to reflect on their wrong doings in the penitentary they could rediscover the good.

Cleansing of the desire see and behave criminally for no one can dispute God's rules.

I see the overcrowding, the understaffing as a complete disregard for the ideals of this place. 

Today, it stands as a symbol of our dashed hopes.

A place of aesthetic beauty from outside. A place of silence and regret from inside.

Eastern State Penetentiary is the humane and right way to reform criminals.

From the point of view of a Quaker visionary, Esp was a failed excercise in penance and reform.

To give inmates a chance to do contemplation, to think, to reform themselves.

A dream that one point lived on but now has closed to face a new era. Dissapointment.

Although there was some subversion where the inmates talked to eachother, the majority of inmates time must have been solitary and the very fact that they where in a prison, must have made them think what it was that got them here.

No cruel punishment so as not to make them feel hated or unaccepted by the society, so that they could return to the society and be decent citizens.