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Food for Thought

pbernal's picture

I'm sitting in the audience, freezing from only wearing shorts and a wind breaker. I didn't have time to change after practice and I was completely exhausted and freezing. I came into the play with minimal interest. Once, I walked in and saw just a table and a man oblivious to the crowd of people walking in front of him, I honestly questioned the quality of whatever it was that I was about to watch. 

But that man, table, and lights, as simple as they were, made me forget I was freezing to death and kept me intrigued rather than dozing off. Yes, I loved like everyone else, his impressive talented accents and the way the personal stories captured the hearts of the audience, but none of this would have been possible without that hardwood table and lights that brought to life each border. He's a brilliant man, like Barnes, he took the ordinary and made it so much more beautiful.