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Another Life in A Virtual World

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Like tomahawk mentioned, Flanagan's passage made me remember of a ted talk one of my friend's made back in highschool of the effect of videogames. Personally, I'm not a videogamer neither and I wasn't really a fan of people playing videogames either. My brothers and sister play and never seem to take interest in any physical activity, which really annoyed me. I never grasped why most people loved playing videogames. Medrano, my friend explained, like Flanagan, that videogames are a way for people to escape reality and become people they've always hope to become or wish to become. It's a virtual world created for people to escape the stress and frustration and relax. In the real world, we can't become the top gansters of L.A. and get every cute girl, but in L.A. Noire, we most definitely can. In SIMS, we play another life, no violence, no physical activity, simply participate in another life through a virtual world. Videogames are essential, although most people consider it pointless, they're a way for people to cope with stress and live a virtual different life.