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Follow the instinct and play

Grace Zhou's picture

I love playing. Playing makes me happy, relaxed and imaginative. Even if the playing is too dangerous, it still owns advantages. But, different kind of games maybe can lead to various results. I really can’t recall some experience about playing time when I was little but I know the playing is completely different now. Like it said in “Taking play seriously”, many kids nowadays are addicted to computer games and other games only needed the fingers to move. I never liked playing the video games. It is exhausting for me to sit on the chair and stare at the screen whole time. I think it’s true that video game is not a playing benefited to people. People are not evolved in the game by just moving their fingers. Also, playing the video games is more dangerous, for it’s unrealistic and violent sometimes. Playing is a natural process, no matter it’s beneficial to the brain development or not, it is people’s right to follow their instinct and explore the real world during participating.