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Locked in My Own Cell

Everglade's picture

It is very much the same; it is harsh and unforgiving. These wall that used to be crisp white are falling down, the whole structure of the building is decaying. It has all passed. A place of aesthetic beauty from outside. A place of silence and regret from inside. A faint vibe, reminiscent of the true horrific conditions of this institution.

I see a complete disregard for the humanity of the prisoners. Eastern State Penitentiary is the humane and right way to reform criminals. In such a place of fear and loneliness, nothing could evoke their morality when they’re in torture. It's easy for one to think over and reform and contemplate. Conditions for their brains to be warped, and emerge with hatred, anger, and frustration toward the world. Disappointment. Flawed from the start. Unrealistic goals. I am bored this doesn't hold my attention either.