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Today's final trip

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After several changes of plans, I planned to go to see the Dream Garden in the curtis center and Washington Square around there, and also go to the "free" "PECO Family Jams: Recycled CD Ornaments" in the Magic Garden to make small ornaments today. My schedul was tight because my work ended at 12:30. Because the train got delayed, I decided to only go to the Magic Garden. It was apparent that I was the only one who showed up at the event. Even though the event was still on, I realized it was "free" with admission. So I left for the Dream Garden instead. On my way, I had this feeling that it might be closed and I forgot to check. And unfortunately, the security guard in the Curtis center told me it was closed for today.

So I had to go to Anne's apartment since it was almost 3pm. Then I saw this cute dog running and jumping up and down with his/her owner so happily, which made me happy too. I really enjoyed the walk on snow because I like stepping into thick snow, but I hated it that the snow always headed towards me no matter which way I went. I jumped above the snow drifts and sticked my feet beneath the white snow. After I got to Clinton St, 903 was just there in front of me. A lady opened the door and entered, so I went in after her. I felt a little bad because I wouldn't want to let strangers in if I lived here... Anyway, even if I was shut down twice, I really enjoyed today--the snow, the jumping dog, and the gathering in Anne's lovely apartment.