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Playing and desiring serendipity are in our nature

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In the article, Henig mentions some concerns about children's lack of playing nowadays. We have to admit that many many kids are indeed indulging in phones or video games. However, the desire to play and curiosity for serendipity are in our blood. Even if today's technologies take away most of our lives, we still keep a small corner of place in heart for fun, for enjoyment, and for play. I remember one of the top students in my high school studies so hard every day, even between classes or in the lunch break. But she liked comics books so much that she always saved a little time for her comics every day. She sometimes went to the cosmics costume parties now and then. This counts as a type of "modern" play. We all have our own ways of playing. Some people like to share it. Some just want to keep it to themselves. Although the processes may be different with each other, the feeling of excitement and relaxation is mutual. As long as we reach the ultimate goal , why worry about it so much?

An interesting example of my point would be my uncle, who loves travelling and appreciating the nature. He used to be a vice president in a world-leading enterprises in China. He had this whole promising future ahead of him, but he chose to resign from his position and started his trips around China. I knew play and curiosity were always parts of him that couldn't be erased, not even by reputation or wealth. I admire his courage and determination to really achieve a dream, a dream that we all have but rarely try to reach it.

Just embrace our human nature and let's play!