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In class we began discussing Keisha/Natalie's near-suicide, and particularly her comments about breaks and "a complete and total rupture" (385).  It got me thinking about Natalie's actual mental breakdown and when it actually occurred (because I don't think it was on top of that bridge), and all of the smaller things leading up to that like her constant name-changing and interest in sex with multiple partners.  It is even more interesting to compare this to the breakdown that Leah has which leads to her sitting out in a hammock seemingly because her dog died. 

Besides this, if this turns out to be too broad of a topic, I also wanted to focus solely on the difference between Keish and Natalie because it is really not as simple as Natalie being the public face and Keisha the true self.  Each of these names come out in very different scenarios and I want to understand the purpose behind the switch.