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POV 2【Anne's Section】: From the Point of View of Samuel Brewster

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“Flawed from the start.”

“ESP is a decaying island that stands as a reminder of the suffering it caused.”

“I see this place the same way I saw it years ago: broken, cold, and useless.”

“Far more strict and penalizing than how it is now. Happy it doesn’t exist anymore.”

“Small sense of satisfaction that it failed because of its unrealistic goals.”

“It was not a luxury to live in it, to be confined to your thoughts.”

“Gone are the tiny insanity-inspiring chambers, replaced by shared-chambers capable of providing a life to their inhabitants.”

“The endless and repeating days are terrible.”

“But sitting here for 5 years, isolated, dark, lonely, I really want real life.”

“These wall that used to be crisp white are falling down, the whole structure of the building is decaying. It has all passed.”

“For prisoners inside, it’s not much different: no freedom, isolated, frustrating, desperate and somehow made the lonely people more aggressive.”

“It is very much the same; It is broken and not useful.”

“It is ridiculous and useless. Why are these visitors visiting?”

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