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Writing Economically

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Every so often, throughout my reading of NW, a sentence or phrase would jump out at me, and I’d underline it. When I finished the book, I typed up and compiled all these sentences into one document and sorted them into themes. One of the themes I found has to do with economic concepts, and because in my other classes I am dealing a lot with economics and economic theory, I’d be interested in applying theories of human economic thought and behaviour into analysing the characters of NW. I have five main quotes of sentences from the book, and I plan to focus on the closely surrounding passages from which they come to see how much depth I can to the characters in terms of their participation in the economic system, both in the city and globally. I want to explore how consideration of these characters (and upon reflection, ourselves in real life) in terms of their economic function can serve to reorient the reader’s perception of their emotional, social, romantic, and/or familial behaviour.