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Re: Reasonably Self-Interested

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To rewrite this paper, I'm going to choose a few economic theorists or articles that I'm studying in my Economic Inequality and Government Policy class, so that I can focus on a debate or certain issue, so that one perspective or the clash between perspectives can be my lens.

I'm also considering focussing on only Natalie's end section dealing with her dispute with Frank and the subsequent scene shopping in Poundland with her children. Perhaps, if I can deepen the analysis by having a comparison with another character, I could bring in Felix's experiences with selling drugs and his following career as a mechanic and his skill in buying used cars. This could possibly bring into question with differences and similarites in economic behaviour between genders: Felix as a man and Natalie as a woman.

Ultimately I'm going to attempt to critique an economic school of thought through the economic behaviours and actions of the characters.