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The article about the development and expanse of coffee houses and cafes on the Mainline reminded me of a coffee house to which I went in New Orleans, where there was an open-mic event, followed by a singer-songwriter's concert.

I decided to look up open-mic events in Philly, but none take place during the day on Saturday.

I thought about slam poetry events as well, but, again, no luck in finding something for this Saturday.

So, I thought I could look up some interesting coffee houses. I found a couple, and I think I'd most like to check out One Shot Coffee, at 217 W George St.

I don't even like coffee. I'm a tea person, but regardless, I do like spending time in cafes reading and writing. Of course, it is a pretty typical place to sit and write poetry, but I sure would like - and desperately need - a poetic escape of some sort for part of a day. 

It's quite soothing of an atmosphere, having the hum of coffee making machines and the buzz of conversation around... it's a nice space for your mind to bounce around and latch onto a word you might happen to hear someone say, or an image in a photograph on the wall... Anything.

I'm also a fan of meeting new people, so I'm looking forward to the opportunity of striking up a conversation with a stranger, if it seems like a reasonable thing to do at the moment.

So, yes. I hope to go to the One Shot Coffee cafe when in Philadelphia this weekend.