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Notes Towards Day 12 (Thurs, Oct. 11) : Field Trip to Harriton House

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* alex, Cahier, CMJ, Hannah and mbackus are planning to meet up in front of the gym @ 11:15 to walk to Harriton House

* Sarah and I will be in the English House parking lot
w/ our cars, planning to leave by 11:20, if possible.
I told Bruce we would arrive by 11:30, and need to leave @ 12:45. Sarah and I can provide rides back to 8 others, total,
so 4 of you will need to walk back.

Directions: l
eaving the campus center, turn left to go west (and downhill) one block on New Gulph Road. At the traffic light, turn right onto Roberts Road. At the next intersection, take the left fork onto Harriton Road. The entrance to the Harriton Park is immediately on your left. 

--in preparation, please spend some time exploring Harriton House: Past, Present, and Future....
and thinking of several questions you might ask Bruce Gill, the director (you let me down w/
Alison Bechdel--don't do it again!)

--also read Michael Pollan's "Weeds are Us," and Richard White's
"Are You an Environmentalist or Do You Work for a Living?"
--these essays invite you to re-orient your relation to nature around work,
rather than "pleasure" or "leisure" or "escape" from the stresses of your work life...
and I thought might serve as a good introduction to a field trip to a farm