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Code-Switching: Creationism --> Evolutionism

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Being asked whether two (or more) very distinct theories on how life came to be can simultaneously exist side by side caused me to ponder over that which I'd been taught growing up. Seeing as how I was raised Catholic, the story of Adam and Eve is not an unfamiliar one. While I was told this to be the reason for human existence, once I started learning about the theory of evolution in school I didn't find myself struggling with which one to side with. It seemed more a matter of both of them being in existence in my mind, although they were in completely separate realms.

In a way it reminds me of code-switching, in which a person who is knowledgeable of various languages can easily go from speaking/writing one language to another, depending on the situation and what is most fitting for it. Having these two mindsets intact is in a way being bilingual. In certain instances with certain people, the theory of evolution is more fitting, while in others the story of Adam and Eve would be more fitting. It's a matter of gauging the situation. Since I do not hold a strong personal attachment to either belief, it is easy to move between the two without one causing conflict with the other. With this being said, I would not enter into a debate about which is more plausible and which is the "correct" story to be believed. With so many unanswered questions in the world, I can readily listen to plausible stories and be open to the idea of their occurrence. Being open to them of course does not guarantee that I am an enthusiast and whole-heartedly deem any said idea to be the undeniable truth.


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