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Susan's Sudoku Journal?

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Date Time   Thoughts
 7/13  36:49    100% of the world can solve this puzzle faster than I.
       Started off well getting 3 numbers right off the bat, then I got bogged down.
      Jenna came over and was able to give me hints when I got bogged down.
       Jenna did not let me get frustrated but also did not do the work for me. She let me figure out the problems. Her hints were beneficial in not letting me give up. I liked the social interaction and encouragement. I must remember this in the classroom.
 7/14  42:36    Started slow
       picked up speed and completed bottom 3 grids
       now every blank could take one of 2 numbers- I need a hook
       stuck again
       Progress- top 3 grids complete
       Problem- there are two 8's in 6th column but can't seem to find my error
       It is 11pm and I still have to go thru school e-mails, must stop, I am so tired
 7/15  40:15    Could not finish, just too frustrated. Here is what happened
       completed 2 rows quickly
       can't see any patterns
       made some progress but stumped again
       I see two possibilities for every one of the 34 squares left
      I am so frustrated. Joyce comes over to help and we get 2 more numbers
      Now neither of us can see any more definite patterns
      Joyce suggests that we have to remember this when our students are having difficulties getting it, as they say. We need to find them a recognizable pattern
 7/16  23:57    But really 15:57 because I started using a strategy recommended to start with #1 and place everywhere it could go, then repeat with each number. Soon I reached a conflict and chose to clear the puzzle and start fresh.
      Go to options and set show timer and allow multiple numbers in each square.
      Start puzzle again at 8 minutes and only place numbers I know for sure. Got a couple rows done
      As soon as I reached the impasse, I started in large square with most numbers and placed missing numbers in each space it would fit.
      Worked another large square and repeated above
      Now I could complete another row
      Continued this process until I could eliminate double numbers
      Once I completed 7 large squares, the last two went fast
      I feel much better about my ability to complete an easy Sudoku puzzle even though 99% of people are faster than I. This puzzle averages most people 5 minutes.
      A little success is motivational. Must remember this for my students
 7/16  15:11    Puzzle done with Joyce and Kate
      Lots of fun to collaborate and work together
      Used same strategy I used for my second try last night and it work
7/18 21:52   I made a lot of mistakes. Had to give up
7/19 27:31   Started out well and working consistently. Two squares left. Can't figure it out.
      Gave up and checked. Errors in five cells. Just too late- I am tired, almost next day.
 7/20  21:05    Good session.
       Completed in 18 minutes but two verticle rows showed errors
      Resumed puzzle. Reviewed each row verticle and horizontal
       Found the error. Needed to switch one number from each of the two rows in error
      It was gratifying to complete this puzzle.
      Note: Had the TV on while working. It helped.
7/21 24:35   Reached an impass and stopped
7/21 19:04   New puzzle. Good progress. Little frustration
      At this point, I have solved 6 puzzles, 1 with help from Jessica and 1 with Joyce and Kate
      The fastest time of 15:16 was in the group
 7/22  33:27    Very slow tonight. Reached impass.
       Cleared center grid of 9 squares to start this grid again and success
       Happy to complete puzzle even if it took a long time
       Very tired and house is quiet- hard to stay focussed
 7/23  31:45    Not a good session. Kept clearing selected grids to try again, but no improvement
       Kept arriving at impass
       Almost 4 pm and last one left except for interns. Too frustrated to continue
 7/25  14:35    Success, although relative, is exhilarating. 96% of those completing this puzzle do it faster than I, but this is my faster time ever, even with help!!!!!!
       As usual, I started out well then reached what seemed an impass.
      Perhaps, I was relaxed enough to see some patterns and worked my way to completion.
       I have now solved 8 easy puzzles
 7/26  27:00    Too frustrated to continue with 23 spots to go.
       Too many possibilities in too many squares. Can't see patterns.
 7/27  19:27    Paul guided me to adopt a new strategy and togehter we completed a puzzle.
      Start out local, rows or grids of 9. Reach impass and change to global view.
      Notice a number globally that eliminates placement of that number in horizontal or vertical rows. Now look locally to find places in each grid where that number can be paced.
      Be willing to alternate between local and global views and don't give up.
7/28 20:57   Completed 9th puzzle
      Off to good start but reach impass. Too many errors so clear puzzle and keep trying
      Employ more of what I learned from Paul and steady going until completion

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