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Technophobic vs. Technophilic

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For our project, sweetp and I made a presentation on our evolution in this class as it pertains to technology.  We made a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the differences between our approaches to computers and the internet, adding humorous pictures to our slides to make them visually engaging.  Sweetp talked about being a technophobe in a class where much of the assigned work was done on the internet and how she has learned to use the internet much more usefully and efficiently since the beginning of the semester.  I focused more on how this class helped me to focus on the reasons why I liked the internet and spent so much of my time on it.


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 Our power point focused on

 Our power point focused on the contrast between Herbie and I: she is a total technophiliac, and I was, but am no longer, a technophobe. We also focused on my journey to comfort dealing with the internet as started in this class, and on Herbie's continuation of her love of this forum. The graphics were a silly touch to add a comic side to our presentation.

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