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the importance of images

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"Valpo Vida" was a blog that really captured my interest.  The use of images was done very well--there were just enough to give the reader a better sense of what they were reading about without it becoming a tumblr-style blog that consists only of photos.  Also, I thought the style of writing was great.  Each entry was a great summary of obviously extensive activities.

The blog got me to thinking about our Literary Kinds blog, and I think Anne was right when she said that we should all use images more often.  For me, it made the blog much more enjoyable.  Maybe each of us should, at the very least, change the Serendip icon next to our usernames.  I'm also guilty of not using images at all, but "Valpo Vida" made me realize that I should.


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Speaking of visual clarity...

I appreciate the fact that the blogs go in chronological order, with the most recent post being the first that we read. For the blogger, that makes perfect sense, and for anyone who is following the blog on a regular basis, that works out fine. What if, however, someone comes to the website to read the blog for the first time, and wants to catch up on several entries? It's very difficult and non-intuitive to go back and start from the end and read to the beginning. It can be done, of course, but for the sake of making it a more cohesive piece, that can be read from cover to cover, I'd prefer to have them organized with the most recent entries showing up last. That begs the question, of course, does anyone actually want their blog to be a cover-to-cover piece, or am I just pining after the age of the bound book?

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