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Difference, Diversity, and Disability

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People are different from one another.  Sometimes we celebrate differences as valued individuality, from which come the rich benefits of diversity.  Other times we are disturbed by differences, sometimes to the point where we characterize them as disabilities.  A variety of materials on Serendip are aimed at encouraging  ongoing discussion of how best to think about human differences, both generally and with regard to particular characteristics and/or particular contexts  Among these are

Some recent relevant materials elsewhere

This on line forum is intended for continuing public conversation about these materials and others having to do with difference, diversity, and disability.  Like other forums on Serendip, it is a place for you to find thoughts of others that might contribute to your thinking, and to leave thoughts of your own that might contribute to the thinking of others.  Its a place not for final statements but rather for thoughts in progress, a place to learn from and contribute to a continuing exploration of new ways to think about difference, diversity, and disability.  

Join in, and let's see where we get to.  To avoid spam, postings will be checked before being published and so may be somewhat delayed in appearing.  Check back often to see  your own postings and what others have to say.