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my thoughts for tomorrow (I will be absent)

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I won’t be in class tomorrow (I saved myself $100 by taking an earlier bus home for Thanksgiving), but here are some questions and thoughts I have about Eva’s Man.  On page 169, there seems to be a conversation going on between Eva and her psychiatrist (who’s gender I am not sure was revealed, but I am assuming that he is male?)   The psychiatrist asks, “Why did you kill him?” and Eva replies, “I filled in the feelings”.  This short part seems to support a theory that we discussed last class: Eva killed Davis because he represented all the other men in her life.  She saw him and her relationship with him, and “filled in” all the other feelings of mistreatment/abuse she had received from men.  This is further supported on page 171 when she appears to be talking about many men that have been in her life, but only refers to them as “he”, making them seem like one entity. 

There are also a few questions I have, some I’m not sure can be answered.  Anne has said during the last class that there are some things you think you know for sure in the beginning of the book, but by the end it’s not the case.  For example, I thought in the beginning of the book it said that although Mr. Logan was creepy, he never actually touched her.  But then there was another point in the book where is mentioned an owl (still unsure of this symbol) and it made it seem like he had abused her.  I also was confused by both Eva’s father and husband saying “you act like a whore, I’m going to fuck you like a whore”.  Did both men really say this? If not, what does it mean that that’s what her memory is?   Finally, I am left with questions about Eva’s sexuality and plan to write my paper about this through the lens of Wendy Brown (Eva’s silence is partial political in that if she says she is a lesbian, breaking the silence could have done more harm than good).  I feel like I am making an assumption though, and am wondering others thoughts about Eva’s sexuality.