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Response to Napier

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I had some issues with Napier's chapter Nuns, Mid wives, and Witches. While I really liked some of her points and found them to be really progressive, there was alot about the article that I thought lacked insight to the intersectionality of her students identities. I liked that she wanted her students to challenge cultural stereotypes about what it meant to be male or female by having them study both male and female roles in the middle ages and put them selves in the shoes of women at the time. I also like that she provided her students with the vocabulary of words like feminism, sexism, and oppression early on.

However the issues that I had with her chapter were that in the first paragraph she mentions how at her university the names of important women were hung in the university library and she refered to it as "women's achievements merit them a place among the great sholars". Yet all of these women were white. She also refered to her classroom as diverse but only 10% recieved financial aid. So when it comes to class I wouldn't agree that her classroom was very diverse. I know that she was focusing on a feminist approach to teaching but I think that there were lots of issues with regards to multicultural education that she ignored/did not address.