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Praxis Setting- Adelante

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My praxis is at Adelante. Adelante is a middle school after school program that meets on the weekends. It focuses on preparing students and families for college and promotes interest in the STEM fields. The all of the students in this program identify as Hispanic and the majority of them go to the same middle school except for one or two students from the neighboring middle school.

It is hard for me to think about the possibilities and challenges for this program because I have only actually been to the site once. However, from what I witnessed, I think that one of the challenges will be getting the students to interact with other students outside of their already established friend groups.

I think that one of the possibilities is that even though the program focuses on getting the students interested in STEM there is a chance to use the dialogic method that Freire refered to. While the program consists of having the students do a different physics project every other week, I think the coordinator has set up the experiments in a way that emphasizes the dialogic method because the experiments involve the a students discussing what they observe with each other and the instructor.