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Unlocking the Brain- Proposal for Curriculum

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Unlocking the Brain is the focal point of my blogs. I realized that during the institute my job as a special educator is to find multitudes of strategies to unlock the brains of students’ with Individual Educational Programs.  My curriculum project is to help my students increase their ability to read and perceive social cues by using a digital camera.  Using pictures that the students will take, the goal will be for the students to make observations in social situations in the school environment and then analyze what they have learned from this set of observations. In addition, the students will create online journals as a reference to make reflections on particular social scenarios and create a dialogue for future use (Carol Gray: Social Stories how would they react and the implications of their behaviors (both positive and negative.) This strategy encompasses a facet of emergance that I feel will help my students make connections through social interactions.



Grant Proposal for Curriculum Materials from the Summer Institute

Goals:  For my students to perceive other individuals' points of view

For students to observe various social situations in order to describe what they see and analyze how other s may perceive the same observations

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