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summary for class last thursday 2/18

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-there were many hell week interruptions, including: frequent manical laughs and a ghost reading bad poetry  

-our guest that day was Paul Robstein, who started off with a silly little poem 

-at first, I was confusing 'b-ing' with 'being'

-he asked us why we talked vs. why other people talked

-a horse whinny interruption

-asked us why we read and write

-then, a hellee performance interlude: an argument, then another poem and finally a condom application lesson

-robstein said another poem

-discussion of intersections

-"Keep your mouth shut unless you know what you're talking about" -Ludwig Wichenstein (I agree[ed])

-Life is mundane until you delve into it-- then, it's constant excitement

-Individual truths vs. the one truth 

-approximate truth

-what's the point of conversation if we can never come to one truth?

-talking makes the world the way it is -Nelson Goodman

-make truth and reality

-the world isn't anything unless and until we talk about it

-mindsets that one needs to see conversation as construction

-an emphatic "chatter" cry

-another one

-individual subjectivity

-everyone needs to share their individual thoughts

-Anne mentions our class habit of self-editing

-culture of ability


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