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Speaking of dreams...

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 Neil Gaiman's "A Game of You" and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland were both works that were very dream-centric.  I read some posts that talked about movies centering on dreams, and I thought of a couple of movies I've seen that rely completely on the principle of dreams.

The first movie is called "Abre los Ojos."  It's about a wealthy man called César who has absolutely every material and monetary comfort a person could ever dream of, and he seems really happy until he falls in love with Sofia, played by Penélope Cruz.  I can't say much more about what happens without giving things away, but the rest of the film takes place in what seems to be a dream state.  The ending is really shocking, and I'd highly recommend it.  The other movie I thought of is "Vanilla Sky," which stars Tom Cruise and is an American remake of "Abre los Ojos."  The story in both movies is the same, and there's always been debate about which one is better, but I enjoyed both equally.


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Pan's Labyrinth

Have you seen Pan's Labyrinth? I was reminded of it by your post. It seems to be another dream-centric movie that would be closer to Alice in Wonderland particularly because the protagonist is a little girl who goes through a quest-like ordeal. It also resembles A Game of You because the dream world and real world are both intertwined and somewhat dependent on the other in the works. 

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I have seen it

 I've seen Pan's Labyrinth, and you're right--it ties in perfectly with what we've been reading.

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