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remix movie?

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 how do I access the remix movie Anne said she'd like us to watch?


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click here!

Rip A Re-Mix: A Manifesto
and while you're clicking, you might want to check out this suggestion: issuing "driver's licenses for the internet"...?!

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that's silly

Wow, I just read that, and all I can say is...what a silly idea.  I don't want to say "no one should have to be accountable on the internet, and no one should have to follow rules."  That sounds terrible. 

But..."to counter online fraud, hackers and espionage"?  Really?  As the comments state, lack of a license isn't going to prevent someone who intends to commit a true crime.  Websites can already track IP addresses.  They can also require your identity for use, if they want.  But a criminal will get around that.

Why censor everyone because of that?  We don't need licenses to walk down the street and interact with others even though someone could commit a crime while walking down the street.

So, why don't we deserve to be anonymous?  Because it's possible to insult others online and we should be accountable?  That makes no sense.

The internet is not a bank vault.  Corporate sites can try to be like bank vaults if they want.

Besides, a criminal that uses the internet is way easier to track than one who shoots someone and runs away (and an "internet crime" would be way less deadly anyway).

Yeah, that's funny.

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