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The Next Step--Curriculum Possibilities

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A couple of ideas for our curriculum after spring break:

1)  Graphic Novels: Much of what we've studied with blogging involves visual components (i.e. pictures like in the travel blogs we read).  Graphic novels such as Persepolis, Mouse and Watchmen would allow us to explore more of this visual side of learning and discussion.  Pieces like Persepolis would also allow us to study visual learning as an international phenomenon, considering that we did not really delve into any international blogs but mainly concentrated on those based in the US. 

2)  Satire/Parody and comparison: Entertaining and interesting! Ideas include looking at the work of Jane Austen, whose pieces such as Pride and Prejudice are excellent examples of a comedy of manners.  After reading these, we could read other works from the same time period on whose plot the comedy of manners is based.  This would not only be extremely fun (and funny?) but also provide more exploration of a realm which we have not studied at all.  If we could find international satirical pieces (Graceland comes to mind?) to read, that would be a huge plus. Comparing international satire with that of the US and Britain would not only shed light on literal differences, but those of culture as well.


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Very interesting proposal

I also wanted to focus on graphic novels but it had not occurred to me that we could watch the movies as well. I think that just shows how the genre lines and mediums can mix when it comes to that subject. We could also try focusing on the different effects mediums can have on the topic and how the medium can affect how we react to the subject. It seems like there is a lot we could do with graphic novels although your other idea sounds very original and I would not be opposed to reading parodies. Also, if we are reading parodies we could also read Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead which is hilarious while at the same time educational.

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International Graphic Novels

 I really like the point about Persepolis (we could even watch the wonderful movie). Might I suggest a few others? Barefoot Gen:a series of graphic novels about a boy growing up in the aftermath of the Hiroshima bombing. Devi: a fusion of Western superheroes with Indian culture. Finally, I believe reading Understanding Comics or the more recent and techno-savvy Reinventing Comics by Scott McCloud would be extremely beneficial if we are to follow this genre.

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re: curriculum possibilities

A note: Mouse is actually spelled the German way, Maus (this is my fault, as I only told you the title, not the spelling).

I really like both these ideas, especially the international components. Maybe for the comedy of manners we could look at something like Jane Eyre, or another more 'gothic' romance and then something by Jane Austen? Maybe even two works with greater differences: Northanger Abbey and The Mysteries of Udolpho. I am not sure what other more international works would be... does anyone have some specific suggestions?

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