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mid semester evaluation

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So far, this class has been wonderful.  

First of all, I so appreciate the freedom that is given to students in the class.  A prime example is the fact that we students all have a huge part in designing how the rest of the class to plays out.  Also, I think the first half of the semester's focus on the internet has given students more freedom within the constraints of our syllabus. Because personally, I feel like a whole world is opening up before me with this introduction (for me) to texts found on the medium of the internet.  What I once found a waste of time and anxiety-provoking is now revealing itself as a fascinating new horizon for me to explore.  The homework amount is also a freeing aspect of the class.  It's nice to know, in looking at the syllabus of the class, that there is at least one sane teacher out there. When impossible amounts of reading are assigned, can many of us students really truthfully say we complete the entirety of those assignments?  I doubt it: I don't, at least. 

The class discussions are also wonderful- they're engaging, though the small group work is also a good way to mix it up. Along those lines, all the guest speakers that have come have also kept the class exciting.  The conversation in class is engaging, to which everyone contributes.  

All in all, Anne, bravo!  You've created a truly great class which is unlike any class I've ever taken before, in a good way. 


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