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Labeling to Framing

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skindeep, rachelr and I decided to do our final presentation on moving from labels to framing. At the start of this class we spent a considerable amount of time discussing labels. Then we related labeling to genres and after long discussions on genre we have landed on discussing framing.

In class, we handed out a piece of paper to each member of the classroom and asked them to put down a word that either they label themselves with or a label that they have been labeled with. Then, everyone held up their label. Using our hands, all of us created frames and looked at others holding up labels.

We wanted to show that there exists a frame in everything we do and all we have. There's a certain way that the world is viewed and it is all determined by past experience and perceptions.

It was an interesting project to work on, however there wasn't much conversation and because of this we had a hard time engaging with the class.


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