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i iz lolcat. i iz hre to edumacate bout tha intrnetz. hell wk post iz hell wk.

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"memes" iz a werd coind bi richrd dwkins in hiz bewk "da selfsh gene." 
memez iz gewd @ copying nd spreds frum 1 mind 2 anther bi imitashun. 
prevullent in da internet culturez.  i iz lolcat.  i show u imagez.
these pikjures iz awlso calld "macros"
some r 'bout evlution cuz dis class iz kinda abt evolushun AND the intrnetz, k?

dis pikture iz bout html.  iz part of da internetz.

iz a compewter.

diz iz troo:


reluhvent 2 engrish class k.

*this post can be deleted if it's a problem, but part of my hell week schedule involves talking like a lolcat and i figured i'd make some images available in case i get to do this.  MY HELLER MADE ME DO THIS I SWEAR.  i will make a real post this week too.


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this post made me sooooooo

this post made me sooooooo happy. Thank you for the time you wasted and the brain cells you willingly sacrificed to do this, whoever you are.
I CAN has cheezburgr!

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You prize: The Internets

Dearest Froshling,

You CAN has internetz. Truly you is best frosh evaaaar. (Also plz to be telling Anne Dalke helo from the Doktah :o)


The Doctor
(also known as)
Ellen M.

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