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Facebook owns my life

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 This may seem completely random, but looking back at the amount of time I've spent on Serendip, both reading other people's posts and blogging myself, I really wish there was some version of a "like" button on posts. Sure, maybe that's an indication that I spend far too much time on Facebook, and it could cut down on comments. But for the rest of us who want to acknowledge what a user has to say, but don't want to repeat what other commenters have written, have a "like"button would be a really useful tool. Also, the poster themselves could get much more feedback, because they know that what they wrote is actually being read.

Maybe something to think about in the future?


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 yeah i would much more

 yeah i would much more prefer if there were a like button. i really like that we have the option on facebook, so i find that it to be compatible with my preferences. while it would be be nice to have the "like" button, i think that being able to comment on other people's posts is good enough.  this option allows us to elaborate and go deeper rather than just simply state whether or not we agree with each other's posts. while this may decrease the number of comments that we receive, one can assume that the comments that are available are substantial, have some sort of reasoning to back up their argument, and incorporate their opinion. 

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