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Don't lose your grip on dreams of the past

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 Watching Persepolis as a film, with sounds and animation, brought the story to life for me in a way that the graphic narrative just couldn't. The addition of background music really emphasized the emotion that Satrapi was trying to convey, and voices of characters, even though they were in French (of which I understand some), made me much more able to relate to the events that took place. I'm still not won over by Persepolis, but I can definitely say that the movie version caught and held by attention quicker than did the book. In class, Anne said that Satrapi had to fight for the ability to keep the animation black-and-white in the film so that it looked how it did in her novel, but I especially liked the contrast between the colored 'now' version of Marji remembering her story as she waits in the airport and the black-and-white of her past.


* my personal favorite scene of the movie... Eye of the Tiger

I love the fact that she actually sings this herself, despite her not so great voice. It really lends a lightness to the severity and tension of the events going on in her country, something that she definitely proved that she's great at, throughout both the novel and film.


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