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different is good

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I came into Literary Kinds with a cynical view of the internet.  I loved it and spent a lot of my time on it, but I mostly saw it as my time-waster.  I also didn't see too much benefit to blogging as I thought it was simply self-centered.  This class has really helped me to understand the full potential of information-sharing on the web, and now I also see how it can be used in the academic world.

We've had very engaging and fascinating discussions, and I definitely feel like I've learned a lot and thought about a lot of new things.  I'm excited for the second half of the semester.  My only expectation for this class is that it be different from any other English class and that I get to explore things I haven't seen before.  So far, it has lived up to that, and the plan for the rest of the semester looks great too.  I haven't read any of the readings except the original Alice, but I'm interested in studying that too, so I am looking forward to reading and discussing new things.


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 I really like that this

 I really like that this class seems to support my "original" ideas, yet challenges me to think beyond what im used to. I'm constantly encouraged to expand upon original thoughts, beliefs, and ideas.  I didn't realize the impact of classes such as this, until I received comments from my friends, family, and peers that I had become more "argumentive" and "sassier" than usual. I think this class has helped me become slightly less ignorant and more willing to look for alternate truths and solutions, as well as form new questions than I would have before.

I'm excited for the rest of the semester-I'm really looking forward to reading and discussing novels and films. I'm also glad that there are guest speakers that come to visit once in awhile. They do offer invaluable nsight and spark great discussion. I especially appreciated when two seniors visited our class. It really is a gift when older students advise and instruct younger students. I like that we are constantly generating new information, whether it's receiving feedback "outside" sources, or having an open mind in our daily discussions.

My only suggestion for the future is that, I wish there are more specific requirements for the paper. I like the fact that we are allowed to choose our own topic, but I wish that there would be instructions telling us exactly what we needed to include in the paper. For me, I tend to lose focus failry easily when wiriting papers, and I find it very useful to have specific points that I must include.


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