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Class Evaluation

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Literary Kinds has brought with it myriad new ideas in a new (for me at least) format--blogging.  My high school career was marked by very little technology use, so the transition to this class was a bit abrupt.  However, I have grown to love our online discussion and hope that it has proven useful to those outside of our class as well--after all, knowledge and ideas are not things that are supposed to be limited to just one room or one group of people when they could be spread and put to good use.  I also find the format of Serendip very easy to use, especially for those like myself who have never blogged or posted on a group forum before.  And even though the recent process of building our "syllaship" has been slightly hectic, and is still not completely finished, I now appreciate more the effort it takes to create a curriculum and manage class time.


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The Thought Experiment

 I agree with you on the formatting. I find it exciting to be able to write (somewhat) academically in a nonacademic sphere in which we can experiment not only with format, but with style, connectivity (like links and pictures), and communication. It's funny that in high school technology was seen as "evil" and associated with cheating and plagiarism. No phones, iPods, etc. allowed. Internet was strictly limited in the libraries. My classes never really utilized the internet and other technologies other than powerpoint and the occasional video. I feel this class has really let me explore my education in a way I was not expecting when signing up for this course. However, Literary Kinds is not perfect. At times, however, we are not very conversational on the forums, and although Anne Dalke tries not to have the class discussion directed entirely by her, it seems sometimes that we revert to a "normal" professor-centric-class. This is not to say I don't think highly of this class. I, like sweatp, enjoy the speakers who add a live personality to contrast and compliment their online identities. I really like how this class is evolving depending on what we decide to do. Although we may not be where  this class is trying to go, there is still plenty of time to continue to build this community we've created with (as Paul Grobstein may say) more chatter.   

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