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A Blog's Meaning(s)

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Geeky Mom's blog was filled with a plethora of subjects: some personal, some related to family and motherhood, some on technology, education, careers, etc. As some others have mentioned in their posts, I found it difficult to relate to much of the subject matter of the blog. Her blog seems to cater to a particular audience: mothers, people with an intellectual bent and familiarity with technology, with an interest in the mundane and personal.

I found the tone of the blog to be mostly casual and conversational, even when the subject matter was politics or technology. There were some aspects of the blog that were refreshingly human in the respect that Geeky Mom didn't seem to censor herself much and was honest about the positives and negatives in her life. At the same time, I find myself grappling with understanding the purpose of her blog. What is the blog's meaning(s), what does Geeky Mom hope to accomplish? The impression I have is that she uses the blog as a place to post both daily musings and reflections, as well as to inquire into some larger social and technological/educational issues. But is she writing it mostly for herself, as a sort of self-reflective yet open forum? Or does she hope to create a community, and if so, how much of a community can be established upon the basis of monologue ("benevolent dictatorship")?


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