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Just being! just saying....

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My last site-sit post of the semester...

Brain very busy with multiple thought trains. A dark, drizzly December afternoon. 

And when the brain-thoughts get a bit quieter, I melt into the haze, silvery-gray, ripples, drizzles, damp, subdued, non-verbal, non-analytical. Just being. Not figuring out what to say about it. observing. ducks swimming this way, each with v-shaped wake in the still water, then swimming back the other way. not seeming to have a particular purpose. 

There were seagulls today, which I haven't seen at the pond for quite a while. The Canada geese were all up eating on the grass towards the middle of campus.

The other title I thought of for this post: from Shakespeare: 

...or in the heart or in the head?

(tell me, where is fancy bred? Is this Shakespeare?)

Feeling like I think with my whole body, not just with my brain. I like to think with my whole body, not just my brain. Do I sound insane?

(Yes, Shakespeare: Merchant of Venice.)

These are ecological questions...

Then, the seagulls started a bit of screeching-- not too loud-- and one of them flew up and circled, full circle, around above the pond. I got into watching the wingbeats. A drummer I know once told me he always studies birds' wingbeats, as a lesson in grace and in rhythm. The other seagulls flew up too, and watching the rhythm of all those wingbeats at once made me feel quite stoned: another way of entering an altered state, a natural high!

Just being.

Just saying: before being activists, just being is where we had better start. What to do? what to do?? what to do??? if we are whirling with those questions we will never be able to get a true sense of what the consequences of our doing might be. Too much doing has gotten us in deep trouble. The not-doing is a powerful place to start.