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Julia Lewis

Julia has been a Serendipian (contributor) since the summer of 2008.  As a Bryn Mawr College K-12 Summer Science Institute 2008 intern, she was active in conversations about science, education, and life here.  She graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 2010 with a double major in Biology and Chemistry.  Serendip has continued to be an important place for her to think through interesting problems, the broader, the stranger, the better.  She enjoyed being a member of the Slippery Brain Sodality (a Serendip book club).  This summer, she attended the University of Iowa Writer’s Workshop. The creation of the Writers' Studio has helped satisfy her desire for workshop and publication.  She is planning to start working on an MFA next fall.  Julia fully expects to be a Serendipian for life.

Photo by Mark Mattoon

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