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Ode to Driving North

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My eyes read

Highway creed

I haven’t peed


From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

South and East Orange, New Jersey

   -The north and west sections were already consumed

Exit 155P, New Jersey

   -P is for pole?

The Pelhams, New York

   -No traffic curbing my speed at this hour: 2 am

The George Washington Bridge is a stilted pleasure compared to the Tappan Zee Bridge.

   -TPZ is traveling the length of an alligator from tail to teeth

   -Signage out of the swamp is treacherous

   -I don’t want to go to Albany!  That is the right route.

No Nyack, Nyack, So Nyack

   -Oh my god, that is SO Nyack!

   -What about We Nyack?

Sherwood is Connector, Connecticut

   -Sherwood forest connects to Nottingham

Honey Spot Motor Lodge, Connecticut

   -Who would ever stop there alone?

Housatonic River, Connecticut

   -Who’s satanic? Whose tonic?

Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers: Correctional Facility Area, Connecticut

   -Then why was there a service plaza ten miles back!

Waterford, Connecticut

   -Keeps my foot from bearing down on the accelerator, a harsh bit

   -A bit harsh

Rest Area, Rhode Island

   -Rhode Island is a rest area for my eyes, never an interesting read,

   -Always a nap

Horseneck Hill, Massachusetts

   -Where is the rest of the body buried?

Sandwich and Mashpee, Massachusetts

   -Appear as I’m torn between hunger and exhaustion, the explanation for the presence of split pea soup in my pantry.  I don’t even like split pea soup!

Pull into Line 1 for the Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

   -Running the “Martha’s Vineyard” from Hyannis to Nantucket

   -The Steamship Authority is a tease

To Nantucket, Massachusetts