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#4 Notes

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“William Faulkner

Failed freshmen English

Three times,” said the professor

Shaking her head, ringing sterling bells

Clapping against the nape of her neck

A triplicate charm or choice

Of silver stirrups slapping

A horse’s stomach

Carrying the rider

Further, higher, way away

Following a well-worn bridle path

With powerful long flanks flashing

In the soft sunlight she herself flourishes

Horses are a potent metaphor


A student sitting

In the spring light studying

Illustrations of olive leaved algae

Sargassum, abundant weeds of deceit

Feed and shade a special seahorse

Grazing on anthozoan inhabitants

In the sea without shores

The doldrums

Where no wind writhes

Ripples across water’s surface

A mirror serenely reflecting forms

Through the amorphous solid lies land

Dun colored dust and fresh dry air here

A velvet petalled plant can be found

Redder darker riper than an apple

Is a rose searching for a trellis

Of hope and wood