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Inner Monologue with a Dash of Perspective

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As I traveled around campus and tried to imitate a Thoreauvian Walk my brain was unusually peaceful. All my school work seemed to fade away and whatever was plaguing my mind at the time was put on hold. When all these extra thoughts fell away I was much more aware of my inner monologue and the thoughts I contemplated during my walk. Why is everyone always rushing? I know that I do it too, but why must we live in a world of dates and deadlines that cause excess amounts of stress? I was not able to answer this question because ironically I had to be at the gym for a volleyball practice and was almost late.

I also thought about the different perspectives of each individual person and how their normal routes on campus only give them one personal view. My walk consists of leaving Rock, walking to Erdman or Haffner, then to my classes (in Thomas, Taylor, Park), back to lunch, to the gym, dinner, and lastly to my room. This walk is all very centralized and rarely do I walk along the edges of campus to see whats there. During my walk, I did walk behind Goodhart and found a ledge or patio that ran along the side of the building. My initial thoughts we "How beautiful". Then as I thought more deeply it occured to me that someone with classes in Goodhart was most likely fully aware of this picturesque view and had probably seen it on a regular basis. This concept of relative perspective has spurred my want to explore more of Bryn Mawr's campus.