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David Feingold: Evolution

David Alan Feingold:
An Evolving Exploration of Disability


In the Fall of 2008, Serendip collaborated with David Feingold, a doctoral student in disability studies at National-Louis University, to create a virtual gallery of his digital artwork exploring human diversity, brain and behavior, mental health, and disabilities and cultural evolution. The media linked below are further explorations on these themes and reflect an evolving exploration of disability.


"The Liberatory Deconstruction of the Bipolar Impaired Self"
Presented at the 9th Annual Conference on Disability Studies in Education at Syracuse University, May 1st-3rd, 2009

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(PowerPoint presentation;
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"Inside Out"
A visual narrative.

Uses Quicktime.


Other places on Serendip

Feingold Gallery, 2008
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Outside links

Disability Studies in Education Conference 2009, Syracuse University



Anonymous's picture

While watching the power

While watching the power point, "The Liberatory Deconstruction of the Bipolar Impaired Self", I experienced my usual "flip picture book" in rapid thoughts of how did I find this website at exactly this time in my life when these questions are coming at me like a freight train about my own BP diagnosis. Currently I am struggling to put two thoughts together to express my feelings about the power point. Whereas, two days ago I gave a presentation at work that was dubbed by my coworkers as "brilliant, do you do it?" ideas for marketing our agency. All of which I put together approximately an hour before the presentation. This is my world. Brilliant, innovative ideas come hurdling at me like a meteor shower and if I'm energetic enough that day, I might trap two or three of them in a cage long enough to write them down before they disappear forever into an abyss of chaotic distant memories. Today I feel inferior and unworthy of the praises I received 48 hours ago. Only I know how little effort I put in. But I feel like they must know it deep down inside and are probably just flattering me. Who knows, the next 48 hours I may feel like I could be the CEO and deserve to be. One thing is certain...anyone who takes a journey with me through my mind could never say there was nothing to see along the way.

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