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Expectations for Final Projects

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In the final projects you are co-creating for our 360 on Women in Walled Communities, we are expecting multi-pronged, cross-disciplinary endeavors that involve both collaborative and individual components, including
    • a public demonstration, 1-3 pm, Mon, Dec. 17, of a tangible project that you have created together,
    • which builds on the particular skills, knowledge and experience of all students in the group, and
    • draws in some way on the Education, English and Criminal Justice knowledge you have acquired over the course of the semester.

In the final e-portfolio of your work, due on Serendip by 12:30, Fri, Dec. 21, we will expect critical reflection about the ways in which your final product brought together the different angles of vision (individual and disciplinary) listed above:

    • how did each of the three courses/disciplines inform your final project?
    • how did completing the project push your thinking in each of these disciplines?
    • in what ways is your project a response to one of the several important, ongoing questions of the semester: how we might take meaningful action  in the world? (Feel free to use this query as a way to think both about how your project offers an effective way forward, and/or as a place to highlight what Tillie Olsen calls "foreground and background silences," those times that precede or follow action, those spaces when we need to slow down and think.)