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Evolving Systems: World Wide Conversation

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The Emergence of Form, Meaning, and Aesthetics

Evolving Systems: World Wide Conversation

The Evolving Systems project is an exploration of  the idea that form, meaning, and esthetics are interdependent emergent characteristics of an ongoing evolutionary process originally lacking any plan, intention, of purpose.  And of the implications of such an idea for both intellectual and practical life. 

The Evolving Systems project is also itself an experiment in emergent form/meaning/aesthetics.  It brings together in interactive conversations people of diverse backgrounds and starting perspectives with the objective of seeing what new understandings of form/meaning/aesthetics emerge, individually and collectively.  For more general information about the project see Home Page | Overview | Background | Starting Positions.

World Wide Conversation

In addition to core group and open face to face conversations, the Evolving Systems project supports wider conversations on the web and by way of visitors to the Bryn Mawr campus.  Both core group and open conversation materials are available on the web and include on-line forums to which any interested people are invited to contribute.  For the most recent conversation materials, see  "Recent Group Posts" and "Recent Group Comments" in the Serendip side bar to the right, and the project home page.  In addition, general thoughts or suggestions about the  project are welcome in the on-line forum at the end of the project home page.  Additional relevant Evolving Systems Project products, also with on-line forums, are listed below, and announcements of visitors will also be made on this page.  To join the project as a world wide conversation participant, see Starting Positions, and post yours in the on-line forum there.   For further information, contact Paul Grobstein


Wai Chee Dimock, "Literature as Public Humanities", 16 March 2010


Evolving Systems Group Products in addition to those of Core and Open Conversations
Rorty, non-foundationalism, story telling - May/June 2009
In depth analysis - 9 June 2009
Transdisciplinary meetings: problems, prospects, and a proposal - 12 June 2009
Evolving inquiry: the unconscious as bridging the intellectual/spiritual and the academic/personal - 21 June 2009
Reflections on openness and structure in education - 14 July 2009
Truth and Power in Education - 24 July 2009
The Taoist Story Teller: Do We Still Need Truth, Reality, and/or God? - 27 July 2009
Evolving Systems and Education I - 1 August 2009
From Homes and Perches to the Cosmos and Back Again -  5 August 2009
Loopiness: Conflict, Humanness, and the Universe - 8 August 2009
Multiple Worlds, Multiple Interpretations: Quantum Physics and the Brain - 22 September 2009
Reality Reconsidered, From a Brain Perspective - 20 October 2009
Teaching on a Triangle - 2 November 2009
Vulnerability, heaven, and reason - 17 December 2009


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