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Goals for working group

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Here are some ideas that Nicole and I discussed today in class - comment if you want to add/change these goals!

Goals for Field notes /posting:

  1. make our notes more accessible - focus on specific moments or interactions, highlight/bold the sections that you want us to focus on
  2. respond to at least one person’s notes with a question (or bring a question to class)


Goals for conversations in class:

  1. bring advice/suggestions
  2. hold people accountable – ask them to explain their statements
  3. I (or someone else?) will scan and post my notes from our conversation – this could be a good way to bridge/connect our conversations over time
  4. Ask each person, “What are you looking for in your next visit?” - if we don't get to each person in the group, then we can at least go back to this question on Serendip