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Fieldnotes 2/28 (2nd class)

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After school art class

Cross-visitation with R

The turtles came back from the kiln sooner than expected, so we were able to glaze them today.

R and I arrive. kids sitting on floor around A, as she talks to them about glaze, over glaze and habitats

Agenda: paint/glaze turtles, wait to dry, make habitats for turtles, white sandwhich bags. Side 1: name and something that reminds us of you. T: rainbows. C and R: playing together. Side 2: turtle habitat, where a turtle would live, water, etc. overglaze turtles (green shiny glaze)

Table 1 (glaze) --> Table 2 (habitat) --> Table 1 (over-glaze)

on table 2: Ms. A drew some images to help kids with ideas og where a turtle might live, underwater

seaweed, fish, sand, water, etc. she asked R and I to add to the drawings. Castle, starfish, coral reef

Working one-on-one with many kids in this class. T and R (brothers) especially they seem to need more attention. I was working with R on his habitat drawing. He wanted to draw an anchor, asked me how. I couldn't quite remember what they looked like, draw ___, then looked it up on my phone ___, drew example on table, then he copied it, and wasn't too happy with it.

Then he wanted to draw a shark I drew a simple one on the table, he tried to copy it, but was very overwhelmed and couldn't seem to follow the lines. I tried breaking it down for him, step by step, doing it together, still encouraging him to do it himself, that he was indeed capable of drawing it on his own. He started to get upset and seemed on the verge of a tantrum, he asked me several times to draw it for him, on his bag, but I was really trying to avoid tht. But then when he was getting so upset, & didn't seem to be making any progress with his attempts, I gave in and drew the shark on his paper bag.

Over-glazing: we worked closely, making sure that they covered the entire turtle with the glaze. Ms. A demo'd going "back and forth, back and forth" over the whole turtle. Some of the kids muttered this to themselves as they painted, really absorbed and focused is on getting it right.