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Fieldnotes 2/21

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2 yr olds class

[She's starting a new 5 wk session with k-2nd grade this afternoon, afterschool, could use an extra pair of hands!]

This class is more about the basics, materials, less important about leaving with something finished, not as concerned with putting things together. 

last week: clay, pinch pots, tools

This week: ORANGE, possibly glaze pots at the end of class


Sl and mom C arrive (first time meeting them): drawing with crayons on orange paper. C observes and comments on what Sl is doing. Asks her questions. Can you ssee orange crayon on orange paper? You can if you press really hard. I like how you press really hard to make the colors show up!

Sl: I made a leaf! mom C: You drew a leaf!

Ms. A hands scissors to Sl, remember we tried scissors. 

Sl: a little tentative, unsure about scissors in her hand. Ms. A grabs another pair and demonstrates: "open" "close", practice cutting papers. "I did make 2!"

9:37: down to the floor, carpet squares

Sl sees pink paint on floor, "look!" she says. She gets up, sits back down, notices the pink again. "look!" She sees an ant on her carpet square.

B and gma E and S and mom B show up while were on the floor

9:45 back to table, we're going to make orange today. Yellow paint, add red to it. Kids stir it up with stick. Big piece of paper to paint on. Sl uses pieces of paper she cut earlier to paint with. Mom: "Leave it to Sl__!"

Adding water to paint

S: always SO EXCITED, puts stick down, picks up cup of water/paint, pours some onto paper, uses stick to push around on paper, picks up cup, brings it close to her face, looks into it (sketch)

Women chat while kids paint. talk about what they do when they can't understand their kids. mom C feels bad when she can't understand Sl, b/c she knows Sl gets really frustrated

Sl: "I made a tail!" Mom C: "You made a tail!" Sl: unintelligable..

bubblewrap on cardboard (sketch) pour all of the leftover paint

Snack and story time

Glue: after story time, still on floor, hard-board square, colored squares (red, blue, yellow, orange) put the papers on the board, blow air and they fall off! but when we put glue down, we won't be able to blow them away. 

Paint/glaze pots from last week. B wasn't here for clay last week (Ms. A made her a pot) 

Next week: paint, snack/story, clay again