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How the Hunger Games Exists Online

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Much of what comes up when searching "The Hunger Games" in Google, which was apparently my first step in researching its online existence, I wasn't surprised to find that the first website Google wanted to show me was The Hunger Games official website. Following that link was the link to the Wikipedia page of it's book and the movie. Digging deeper, I wanted to see the reviews of the movie as those bear a lt of weight in the success of the film and most of the reviews tended to be positive. In addition to the reviews by Rotten Tomatoes, when I thought about my friends' perception of the book and the film, many of them said they loved it, I on the other hand did not agree. I didn't like the characters in the book and I didn't think the movie was all that amazing either. Fortunately for the Suzanne Collins, many of my friends and those with the most influence on the internet seem to think that the book and the movie are both intriguing and thrilling. There also seems to be much anticipation for the Catching Fire sequel.