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Bringing it all together: reflections before travels....

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I find it useful to solidify theoretical connections before traveling to Ghana for the practical side of seeing theory in action. Connecting what we've been learning back to the readings we've done helps me contextualize and reflect on what to notice while abroad, and how to make sense of it.

I'm thinking about all of the readings we've done, but particularly of María Lugones' perception of "playfulness," and how this trait develops from not being "fixed"--that is, when we embrace the reality of inhabiting different worlds (material and figurative). 

I see clear connections between plurality and the dangers of thinking in hierarchies, as well as agency and how "damage-centered" thinking is not innate. We can teach ourselves to think refrain from see things for what they are with a critical but forgiving/relative eye. We can be open and see things from different perspectives...what we inherit is not fixed. Literacies, plurality, and playfulness go hand in hand, and are especially good things to keep in mind while traveling.


I'm really looking forward to the trip.


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playing and critical inquiry

thanks for highlighting the possibility of pluralities here, riley, and for making room for play and critical work to go together.

now that the trip is, at least in one sense, past, what do you think about what you wrote on the pre- side?  I found it relatively easy to move from play there, and coming back that got jostled, perhaps owing to the academic style of knowing which is not usually playful?