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We adapted the morning lesson to develop a template for a content area lesson.


1. Write the first three words that you think of when I say ____________________.

              Using those three words write a story about ______________________.

              Short mini lesson on ______________________. (definition)

2.  Using the given definition how does your story relate to ________________.

3.  How might I apply this line of thinking to other problems? "How did storytelling help you to understand the content?"  "Can you think of two more effective ways that you could have learned the material?"   "Why would these modes of teaching enhance your understanding of the topic?"  "Have you ever been presented with a learning activity/method that did not help your comprehension level?  Were you then presented with an alternative lesson that helped you reach the "aha" moment?  Why do you think one mode worked better than another?"  "How can this self-knowledge help you tackle future learning challenges?"