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Notes Towards Week 14 (Dec. 6): Teach-In!

music video from jmorgant

I. coursekeeping (7:10-7:30)

* thanks to lgleysteen and aybala50 for our final snacks!

* sign up sheets for final writing/event-making conferences

* review of final e-portfolio preparation (due by 12:30 p.m., Fri, Dec. 16)

II. acting out....teaching one another what we learned...
inviting one another to go on learning--and acting....

inspired by Gavi's query: how does a group of listeners become a group of actors?

7:37-7:44--amophrast, Katie Randall

7:44-7:59--venn diagram, jmorgant, phenoms

7:59-8:14--aybala50, lgleysteen, leamirella, S. Yaeger

8:14-8:29--jfwright, essietee, kimk, lwacker, rachelr


8:44-9:14--someshine, AmyMay, charlie, chelseam, Gavi, sel209, shlomo


III. 9:15-9:30:  completing end-of-semester evals....